3 Dinners I Love To Batch-Cook - I Want You To Know

My Dinners Are More Organised Than The Rest Of My Life... I must admit, I did have a little FOMO watching everyone on Insta Stories at LFW/Baftas, whilst I was at home prepping meals for the week. Way to live life on the edge Kristabel! Whilst it’s not particularly glamorous, batch-cooking is actually one form of self-care that I try and stick to. [ 1,004 more word ]


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‘Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.’ 😬 The dream! Overcoming my fears seems like a never-ending journey, whether it’s in my career or personal life. I’ve realised this so much during my improv course. Whilst I had fun pretending to be a nun, estate agent and air hostess (with the dodgiest Northern accent, oops), trying to come up with something on the spot was so daunting. The fear of failure is definitely real for me, even in a pretty safe environment. ❤️ I don’t know what the answer is, but I think it’s important to celebrate the small steps. I let myself act a bit silly and make ‘mistakes’ during my last class and nothing bad happened. Now to apply this to other areas of my life... 😬 Have you overcome anything recently? #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2C8AnZn

VLOG | Galentine’s Is The New Valentine’s! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Galentine’s Is The New Valentine’s! | Kristabel

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Looking forward to the day when I can wear a blazer without a massive coat on top and bare ankles without regret. 😂 http://liketk.it/2uG5W #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKeurope #youbelongnow 📷 @ghenetactually http://ift.tt/2Hplr8G

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It’s Chinese New Year and I’m still thinking about this @ekachai_uk feast. 🥟🍜🥠 Will definitely be stalking @diamondcanopy’s celebrations (and trying to work out how I can gatecrash one day).... 🎉 #CNYlondon http://ift.tt/2HjLo9H

How To Brighten Up Your Wardrobe This February - I Want You To Know

All hail the sunshine coat! Usually I agonise over purchases online for ages, so it’s very old-school for me to spot this IRL in a shop that I’d avoided up until a few months ago. You see Topshop and I used to have a bit of a complicated relationship. I worked there during my student years, mentally shopped during shifts and ended up with a lot of BOGOF sale purchases that I eventually came to regret (I’m looking at you lumberjack shirt). [ 156 more words ]


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Cold hands, but make it Fashion! 😂 I may not have a Valentine’s specific image but I do have my 346th stripy top. It was definitely love at first sight. ❤️ #youbelongnow http://ift.tt/2EtJEZD

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Is anyone else still figuring out their skincare routine? All I want to look like is a person who’s spent 6 weeks in Jamaica, is that too much to ask?! 😂 I’ve shared a few Instagram-hyped brands on the blog plus how I’m getting in with them. Currently battling a breakout since I tried to incorporate too many things at once (ooops) but things are slowly getting better. 😬 #dspink http://ift.tt/2CiQkrq

Why I’m Finally Sorting My Skincare Routine Out (Basically I’m Overwhelmed) - I Want You To Know

THIRTYSOMETHING BEAUTY I think it’s time to finally sort my skincare routine out. Although I’ve often clung onto the ‘Black don’t crack’ phrase (which I had to explain to Lucy for the first time last year), ever since I turned 30 I don’t feel invincible any more. If I haven’t been sleeping much or eating well, then it’s pretty obvious when I look in the mirror and I want to start forming better habits. [ 1,109 more word ]


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When all else fails, just channel the sunshine. 💛 You may have spotted this coat in last week’s shopping video, it’s definitely helped me get excited about my wardrobe during these chilly months. I also have a new vlog where I chat about my freaky leg situation and why I’m so excited about going to Jamaica, link is in my Stories! 😘 If you fancy twinning in yellow, then outfit details are available via this link: http://liketk.it/2uBdT #liketkit @liketoknow.it #TopshopStyle #LTKeurope http://ift.tt/2si0xog

VLOG | Breakouts, Biopsies & Booking Flights! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Breakouts, Biopsies & Booking Flights! | Kristabel

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OK British weather, I’ve had enough! ❄️ I’ve finally booked my flight to Jamaica and I think it’s going to have to be a yearly tradition. I can’t take freezing ankles anymore (OK maybe I should have worn appropriate trousers, but shhhhh). Counting down the days until jerk chicken, escovitch fish and coconut water fresh from my Grandad’s garden. ✈️🍹👙😍👯💁🏿‍♀️🏝 #colourventures http://ift.tt/2nYi8wi

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#AD | #SCHWARZKOPFcreators As if I need an excuse for cake! 🍰 @schwarzkopf are celebrating their 120th birthday today, so I’ve decided to keep my hairstyle nice and retro for my solo partay. 😂 My confidence is definitely growing when it comes to using @got2b products; I’ve used my spiking glue and Oil-Licious styling oil to keep everything nice and sleek. Now I’m thinking that I need to incorporate Red Velvet into all my shoots, not had a slice in ages! #createyourstyle http://ift.tt/2nWz5Hc

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Happy Hump Day! 🌸 I’ve started using the Moment app and apparently I spend 35% of the day on my phone. I think I need to buy that self-help book @salihughes recommended ‘How To Break Up With Your Phone.’ The app says I pick mine up 75 times a day, anyone else in the same boat? 😬 #abmplantlady http://ift.tt/2EqKMAo

My Travel Goals For 2018 - I Want You To Know

SPONSORED POST IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE BRITISH AIRWAYS AMERICAN EXPRESS® CREDIT CARD I can’t be the only one who’s been tempted to book a flight and get out of these arctic conditions? OK I may be exaggerating, but the British weather has me all kinds of confused right now. One minute it’s boiling on the Tube, then there’s gale force winds outside and if that’s not enough, I seem to have a permanent cold to defeat. [ 1,152 more word ]


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AD | Only I would pretend to be singing on a random street... 😂@Perrier challenged me to try something wild in honour of their collaboration with artist @juantraviesoart so I decided to sign up to improv classes. The reason why? I always loved drama as a child and it’s a shame that all of these different disciplines get drummed out of you as you get older. Improv challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and pretend to be in rather surreal situations, which is definitely an improvement on my usual Monday night. I’ve posted about my experience so far, fingers crossed it’ll help with networking situations, public speaking and just letting go a bit. Link is in my bio! 😘 #perrierxwild http://ift.tt/2E183cP

Come Shopping With Me! Zara, Topshop, Warehouse, & Other Stories Mini Haul | Kristabel

New video alert! Come Shopping With Me! Zara, Topshop, Warehouse, & Other Stories Mini Haul | Kristabel

Here’s What Happened When I Tried An Improvisation Course… - I Want You To Know

In Collaboration With Perrier No don’t worry, you haven’t wandered onto the wrong blog! This post is basically for everyone who gives a blank look whenever they’re asked about hobbies. The thing about being a creative freelancer is that most of the things I do for fun, end up being work as well (this makes me a hoot on the dating apps, as you can imagine). [ 1,189 more word ]


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Yay it’s Friday! 👯 Going to try and drag myself away from Black Mirror episodes (late to the party, I know) and go Out Out this weekend. What are the kids even dancing to these days? My music taste is stuck in 2007, so I may need a little help... 😂 #abmwinter #youbelongnow http://ift.tt/2FCBSNg

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No birds were photoshopped in the making of this shot. 😂#colourventures http://ift.tt/2EtK9nl

Kristabel Loves #13: The January Reading List

The Longest Month Has anyone else had a bit of a slow start this January? Basically this whole month has been the equivalent of a lie-in. It’s taken me three weeks to make a definitive list and sort my tax return out (why do I never learn). If only there was a Lumie lamp that could physically drag me out of bed every morning and make me a much-needed coffee. [ 669 more words ]


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Getting way too confident with my chair posing now. Expect to see a snap every week outside a random photogenic café. 😂#youbelongnow 📷 @joegalvinphoto http://ift.tt/2BEu3ny

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When you decide to have a ‘productive’ day working from home and then spend 20 minutes trying to snap your shelves as the light is perfect. 😂 Trying to defeat yet another cold, I’m sure there’s a meme for the moment when your cough is like ‘Guess who’s back, back again...’ 😷 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2DTuiAD

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Me: ‘I have nothing to wear, totally failing at Instagram right now.’ Also me after looking through my wardrobe properly: ‘OK maybe I spoke too soon, no need to delete my account.’ 😂 Is anyone else struggling with what to wear this month? This outfit is the result of me getting creative and finally investigating the pile of coats. I’ve had this A.P.C beaut for five years now and my clumsy self has managed to keep it clean (in contrast to the the sweet potato wedges I dropped on the floor earlier). Here’s to the next five! 📷 by @joegalvinphoto http://ift.tt/2DHubEI

VLOG | Getting Distracted By Black Mirror! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Getting Distracted By Black Mirror! | Kristabel

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Phew, my tax return is done! Please remind me to get this sorted early in April, instead of sending it to my accountant a week and a half before the deadline. I do not want to be sorting my receipts in a onesie again (though @shinythoughts and I had G&Ts, so every cloud and all that). Is anyone else working on theirs this weekend? 💷😭 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2rFrHW8

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#AD | Well there’s another thing ticked off the London list, I finally got to venture inside Tower Bridge thanks to @swatch_uk! 🇬🇧 We strolled along the glass walkway, had afternoon tea way up high and took selfies with the Queen (OK it was a lookalike, but she was very pleasant). See more from the quirky #BritIn collection in my Stories! ❤️ #SwatchThis http://ift.tt/2ndOFid

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Running out of pictures to take at home, so I popped to the #houzzof2018 for some inspo. ❤️ It’s a pop-up filled with all the interiors trends (hello terrazzo) and I hope some of these bits will be around by the time I can afford a house. Definitely giving up the avocado toast now. 😂 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2DAFkYb

VLOG | New Hair, Speaking On A Panel & 2018 Planning! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | New Hair, Speaking On A Panel & 2018 Planning! | Kristabel

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Millennial pink brings all the bloggers to the yard and they’re like, ‘Let’s spend 20 minutes arranging our food.’ 😂 💕@sanspereofficial #abmfoodie http://ift.tt/2rkLABG

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For every perfectly posed photo on my grid, there’s at least 57 in my Recently Deleted folder. Tyra would not be impressed. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’d like to thank @sanspereofficial for the perfect backdrop and @bubblyaquarius for putting up with my 📷 demands. 💕 #bodenbyme http://ift.tt/2mVLdbV

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‘If you can't appreciate what you have now, nothing else will ever be enough.’ 🙌🏾 Another quote from a podcast to remind me of the importance of gratitude (if anyone knows the source, it’d be a massive help). This year I’m trying to enjoy the journey more as each time we progress, the goalposts move. Flatshare living, singledom and my 237 confusing iPhone notes will be something I look back on fondly one day. 😊 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2DguFF4

3 Blogging Improvements To Make For The Year Ahead - I Want You To Know

Time For A Spring Clean OK so the last time I did this sort of post I may have been a little too optimistic. I still have 755895 RAW files on my computer and the list of newsletters I’ve saved for later is piling up. There's only so much you can do in between Christmas and New Year and most of my plans involved cheese. [ 873 more words ]


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This is how I like my vegetables, in cute biscuit form. Thanks @honeywellbakes for sorting out my 7 a day (and @shinythoughts for her highly photogenic desk). 🍅 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2qOOJJG

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Another snap of the abode, since I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now (and I’m probably 50% strepsils). 💛 Feeling all kinds of positive after watching Oprah’s Golden Globes speech, having her as my inspiration since the age of 10 was a good decision. 🙌🏾 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2m9XKHt

2017 Favourites - Clothes, Beauty, Podcasts & Money Saving Apps! | Kristabel

New video alert! 2017 Favourites - Clothes, Beauty, Podcasts & Money Saving Apps! | Kristabel

An Honest Look At 2017 - I Want You To Know

Trust me to be doing my 2017 roundup on the 5th! To be honest the first week of January is always a bit weird, in school I’d be writing the wrong date most of the time and still eating the reduced mince pies. Remember Kristabel, you need to allow one 'worse-for-wear' day and one 'WTF am I doing day?', before things start falling into place. [ 1,521 more word ]


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Middle Eastern Shredded Lamb with chickpea rice, get in my belly. 😜 I’m going to be sharing some foodie faves soon but I’d love to know what you’ve been making recently, whether it’s meaty or not. Perhaps this is the year I finally attempt Korean Fried Chicken (before giving up and searching for it on Deliveroo)... 🍴#abmfoodie http://ift.tt/2ENR0HJ

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A belated Happy New Year! 🎉Breaking all the freelancer rules by working from bed this morning but have you heard the rain outside?! I need all the help I can get when it comes to deciphering 15-page contracts. Is anyone else having a bit of a slow start today? 😬 #abmspaces http://ift.tt/2DPWgtn

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How are you spending the last day of the year? 🎉 I’m aiming to be a productive ninja by shooting a recipe, attending a charity Zumbathon, cleaning and dolling myself up for @livpurvis’ gathering later on. Also need to think of the face I’m going to pull when all the couples do the midnight snog. 😂😬😭😅🙃 #abmwinter http://ift.tt/2Cf8OxS

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There’s a new post about my love of Germany at Christmas time. 🇩🇪 Think fried potato cakes, timber framed houses (complete with elderly photobombers) and a toddler cousin who’s obsessed with my vlogging camera. ❤️ #abmwinter http://ift.tt/2pZFIgq

How I Spent Christmas In Germany - I Want You To Know

Wunderschön My annual Christmas trip to Germany is a bit of a thing now. Since going home for the festive season usually involves a bus and overground train to the other side of London, I’ve created a new tradition that gives me a chance to have a break from reality. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less precious about things being exactly the same each year. [ 701 more words ]


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That’s a nice #ootd you’ve got there. Would be a shame if someone...spoiled it...

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Didn’t manage to snap any wreaths this year so here’s the next best thing. Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄 Let’s swap algorithm anxiety for prosecco, presents and pudding! 🥂🎁🎉 http://ift.tt/2prJRcy

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Can I swap my flatshare for one of these fairytale houses please? 😍 Wiesbaden is full of neoclassical architecture, undamaged by the war. We’re heading here tonight to start the celebrations Hungarian style, with champers, fried fish and cake. 🍰 http://liketk.it/2tZBC #liketkit @liketoknow.it http://ift.tt/2BvE6fI

VLOGMAS | Escaping To Germany for Christmas! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOGMAS | Escaping To Germany for Christmas! | Kristabel

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So happy to spend Christmas in Germany for the second year in a row, I definitely recommend mixing things up if you’re able to! One day I’ll spend the festive season in the Caribbean, for research purposes obvs... ✈️ #visitgermany http://ift.tt/2kOzkn1

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I’ve swapped London’s pastel houses for Germany’s Baroque palaces. Don’t ask me to pick a fave. 💕 Outfit deets available here: http://liketk.it/2tYjn #liketkit @liketoknow.it http://ift.tt/2BBoOdz