VLOG | A Week In Spain - Exploring Valencia & Jávea! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | A Week In Spain - Exploring Valencia & Jávea! | Kristabel

How I Spent 48 Hours In Berlin

Reunited How is it that I’ve been to Berlin five times and still don’t really know where I’m going?! In my defence a Year 12 school trip is very different to having family in tow and I’ve only really started to connect areas together on my recent visits. Although it’s smaller than London, a lot of the main landmarks and interesting neighbourhoods can be pretty spread out, so it can be harder to figure out in a weekend. [ 842 more words ]

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Fun fact! All of my devices are a bit broken. Only went and smashed my iPhone screen whilst trying to take a snap on my DSLR (and the photo wasn’t even that good). Oh well, I’d rather deal with a cracked screen with sunshine and paella, than in rainy London. 😂 #lmdesgetaways #blacktraveljourney #igersvalencia #valenciaspain #elcabanyal #visitspain https://ift.tt/2rLMtQA

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One day I’ll be the kind of person who can travel with hand luggage only, instead of having 6 basket bags in my case and shoes I wear just for the gram. 😂 #blackgirltravel #blacktraveljourney #wegotoo #youbelongnow #lmdesgetaways https://ift.tt/2jXxW0E

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Yay, Spain is finally hotter than the UK again! Does anyone else end up leaving Blighty when there’s a heatwave? ✈️ My days of running around a new city like a headless chicken are over (I think). It’s impossible to see everything and I’m rather tempted to add ‘Mediterranean house by the sea’ to my goals list. Here’s to sangria, taking things at a leisurely pace and hopefully tackling the bikes again, wish me luck! 🚲 #blackgirltravel #blacktravelfeed #igersvalencia #LMDESGetaways #theprettycities #abmtravelbug https://ift.tt/2KSHg1W

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Happiest with a basket bag and a belly full of paella. The pans may look deceptively large but I could probably polish one off by myself. 😂🇪🇸 I’ve been exploring southern Spain with @lasmorenasdeespana this week and I don’t know why I haven’t been back sooner. People eat four meals a day here and the cava is €3! Fingers crossed I can find some handpainted ceramics and even more straw accessories when I hit the markets. Pray for my EasyJet luggage allowance. ❤️ #LMDESGetaways #igersjavea #wegotoo #youbelongnow #blacktravelfeed https://ift.tt/2jLyqXH

How I Style: Transitional Spots, Checks & Leopard - I Want You To Know

My Spring Wardrobe Updates What’s this, a post with just outfits? I thought I’d interrupt some of the travel content briefly to showcase some wardrobe additions that aren't just for tropical weather. Only the British Weather will have you wearing thermals on a Monday, bare legs on a Saturday and scratching your head in between. I basically translate the dubious iPhone weather forecast into something practical every day. [ 754 more words ]

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AD | Clashing colours, loud patterns and unusual finds? You know me so well @ikeauk! 💛💙💜 I recently took their personality test to find out my interiors style and got ‘The Next Big Maverick.’ I tend to choose the geometric and textured fabrics I’m drawn to, throw them all together and hope for the best. Cushions are a great way to update things as you can easily switch them up and swap the covers depending on your bedding. It does mean that I only use half of the bed, but I’m used to it now! 😂 if you fancy being a maverick with fabric, head to the @ikeauk feed to take the quiz and let me know your results! ❤️ #WonderfulEveryday https://ift.tt/2HYO3cW

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Memories of when I went to the @aubaineuk event and tried to subtly take the pastries home. Breakfast was sorted for a few days. 😂 This week’s vlog was all about finalising my 2018 goals (yes I know it’s May, but I’m reclaiming my time), hanging out by wisteria and explaining why The Debrief was so important to me. So many magazines made me feel insecure when I was younger and I felt like it was guiding me on elections, navigating dating and becoming a better human. I guess it’s down to us bloggers to keep creating meaningful content and prove there’s a need for stuff that goes beyond ‘Get a beach body!’ Were you a fan? 👩🏾‍💻 Search ‘Kristabel’ on YouTube or follow the link in my Stories! 😘 https://ift.tt/2JY7YVU

VLOG | Setting Goals As A Full-Time Blogger | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Setting Goals As A Full-Time Blogger | Kristabel

My Jamaica Travel Tips: Exploring, Eating & Experiencing The Culture - I Want You To Know

Let's Talk Logistics Can you tell that I’m trying to become a bit of a Jamaica expert? Even though I’ve visited a few times and spent approximately 62 days on the island, it’s taken me quite a bit of time to figure out how things work. It’s also a very interesting experience being an undetectable tourist until I start speaking (no matter how much I try, my patois comes out Irish) and getting used to the Jamaican way of doing things. [ 2,117 more words ]

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Only #wisteriahysteria will have me contorting myself in front of a random person’s front gate. Surely one day we’ll get found out? 😂 #wisteriainlondon #wisteriawatch #abmplantlady https://ift.tt/2I8z1QY

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Do you think it’s safe to put the jumpers away again? I did not appreciate wearing my thermals again yesterday. 😬 In other news I’ve been nominated in the ‘Blogger Of The Year’ category at the #BlogosphereAwards! I think all of this award show malarkey might start going to my head soon. Might start requesting that my dressing room is filled with buffalo wings and colourful cushions. 😂 #howtostyle #youbelongnow #wisteriahysteria #wisteriawatch https://ift.tt/2jjzmCc

Q&A | Is It Too Late To Start A Blog, Finding Your Niche, Brexit | Kristabel

New video alert! Q&A | Is It Too Late To Start A Blog, Finding Your Niche, Brexit | Kristabel

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Currently wrapped up in a blanket wishing that I was at the Ultimate Jerk Centre near Ocho Rios, just look at all the pink! 💕 Fun fact, I was in Ocho Rios when I found out that Geri was leaving the Spice Girls. I think my ten-year-old self just shrugged and sat by the pool?! 😂 My guide to the port town is now live and it’s a great place to visit if you fancy a bit of independence in Jamaica instead of just sticking to your resort. 👯 It’s always tricky to adjust to being locked in at my grandparents place (security is a big deal here) and not knowing how to navigate local transport, but it finally felt like I got to know Ocho properly on my fourth visit. Find out where to get the best jerk chicken in my post, link is in my bio! 🇯🇲 #youbelongnow #proud876 #visitjamaica #asseenonme #howtostyle https://ift.tt/2JuONm7

My Colourful Guide To Ocho Rios, Jamaica - I Want You To Know

EIGHT RIVERS Ah Ocho Rios! All of my Jamaica trips have involved stopping over at this seaside town and I have so many fond memories of climbing Dunn’s River Falls and chilling at the jerk centre. It may be a ‘tourist town’ but it still manages to combine commerce with all of the Caribbean touches I’ve grown to love. Since I’m usually locked in when staying with family, it’s nice to go somewhere where you feel independent and can discover places by accident. [ 1,470 more word ]


3 Unforgettable Experiences To Have In Port Antonio, Jamaica - I Want You To Know

A Charming Jamaican Destination When your idol Sharmadean Reid names this as one of her favourite places on the island, then you know that it needs to go on the list. Basically Port Antonio is where the creatives like to head to. You won’t find a strip with lots of chain resorts but charming Georgian buildings, lush tropical foliage and a bustling town centre. [ 1,137 more word ]


VLOG I Cosmo Influencer Awards Chat & Organising My New Wardrobe! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG I Cosmo Influencer Awards Chat & Organising My New Wardrobe! | Kristabel

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AD | Just pretending that the @swooneditions pop-up is my living room, don’t mind me. If I had my own Oprah-style talk show, this would definitely be my set. 😂 You can find the shop at 7 Mercer’s Walk in Covent Garden and everything looks even dreamier in person. Now how do I fit this chair in my rented room... 🤔 Have a look on my Stories and let me know what’s on your wish list! 😘 #abmspaces https://ift.tt/2K2yG0b

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AD | Suns out, sandals out. Did anyone else get a bit overexcited about the weather and act like it’s L.A? ☀️ I popped to @westfieldstratfordcity last week and fell for this leopard print skirt from @andotherstories. It’s always good to know where the best branches are and I’m so glad I trusted my gut as it seems to be selling out. I felt so glamorous (despite the gale force winds trying to take my hair off) and can’t wait to style it all year round. 👯 #Westfield #Fashion #London #youbelongnow #howtostyle https://ift.tt/2voyJ3j

An Eco-Friendly Boutique Hotel In Jamaica: Mockingbird Hill - I Want You To Know

A Different View As much as I love starting off my Jamaica trips with family, it is nice to escape to a different environment every so often. Staying at a hotel allows me to have a little more freedom (especially since my Nan seems sceptical of most taxis) and I now want to discover the eclectic gems of the island, instead of just all-inclusive resorts. [ 714 more words ]


Come Shopping With Me For SS18! - Topshop, & Other Stories, Warehouse, Monsoon | Kristabel

New video alert! Come Shopping With Me For SS18! - Topshop, & Other Stories, Warehouse, Monsoon | Kristabel

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So your gal only went and got ‘Highly Commended’ at the #CosmoInfluencerAwards2018 for the ‘Best Content’ category! I had a great night hunting the canapés and doing Zumba moves with @shinythoughts as per. 🎉🥂👯 I’ve been blogging for 9 years now and it’s definitely been a journey. There’s been knock backs and I spent so much time worrying about whether I’d made the right decision, instead of just fulfilling my potential and enjoying the process. Everything is better with hindsight, right? 🤦🏾‍♀️ Eventually I realised that I needed to invest in my site and figure out what I stood for. I became more honest, shared my freelance struggles and started opening up more about race. The feedback has been so rewarding and that’s what has kept me going during slow months or when everyone else seemed to be doing better. Always believe in yourself. Gather every nice comment, every heartfelt email and read it if you’re having a bad day. If you love reading someone’s content then let them know, it can really give them a boost and keep them motivated in a world of algorithms and comparison. Thanks so much for your support and here’s to the next 9 years! 🏠✈️👯💁🏾‍♀️🥂 https://ift.tt/2JGj4iO

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Kingston In Jamaica - I Want You To Know

A Mini City Guide It’s very rare for me to write a guide for a location that I never really get to grips with. Jamaica may seem teeny on a map, but it actually spans 146 miles and would take you around 7 hours to get from one end to the other. The capital Kingston is pretty vast (about a third of the size of London) but as I’ve never had the chance to explore alone, I’ve found it tricky to work out where everything is in relation to each other. [ 1,836 more word ]


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AD | All of the pretty plates at @skandihus_london. ❤️ @costacoffee treated us to a barista session and a day of artisan workshops and it really makes you appreciate the skill that goes into everything, especially what it takes to make a good coffee. Also I tried to make a cup out of clay and it looked more like a bucket! 😂 After making my own candle and perfume, I’ve realised that my senses are a bit dodgy but I definitely want to improve so I can taste the different notes in my coffee. Does anyone have any tips? ☕️ #FlatFamily https://ift.tt/2GMucwL

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When you’re invited to stay at the Ham Yard Hotel, try and coordinate with the furnishings as much as possible. ❤️ In contrast, I’ve had a far less glamorous day trying to declutter and batch-cook for the week. Does anyone else find it hard to chuck out hair products? I’ve got a branch of Boots happening in my room (and I still don’t have enough cotton wool). 😂 There’s also another Jamaica Vlog on my YouTube channel if you fancy a sunshine fix, link is in my Stories! 😘 #youbelongnow #howtostyle #abmspaces https://ift.tt/2GHovjH

VLOG | Exploring The REAL Jamaica - Ocho Rios, Dunn's River, Blue Mountains | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Exploring The REAL Jamaica - Ocho Rios, Dunn's River, Blue Mountains | Kristabel

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AD | Did you know that there’s a way to make coffee taste like blueberries? It all depends on how they’re roasted! ☕️ I used to just drink the stuff without knowing any facts, but thankfully @costacoffee have planned a day filled with sensory experiences to celebrate their #FlatFamily. We’ve tasted coffee scented bubbles, dabbled in pottery and made some bespoke candles, catch my Story before it goes! 😘 #youbelongnow https://ift.tt/2GCU8qq

All The Reasons Why I Booked A Last-Minute Flight To Jamaica… - I Want You To Know

ESCAPE Don’t worry, this isn’t my usual response to a British Winter! There’s something to be said for powering through and muttering about the rain/sleet/snow every time you strike up a conversation. However with an annoying skin issue and constant colds, I needed a bit of a pick-me-up that wasn’t available in Boots. Holidays are quite a big deal for me and I’m not the kind of person who has the next few year’s worth of trips planned out. [ 416 more words ]


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AD | Did Spring get the memo? 😂 Even though we’re due to have a rainy week, I really want to keep up the travel momentum and start exploring more of the UK. 🚇 @GWRUK competition alert! If you’ve uploaded any images of London, the South West and South Wales then be sure to tag them with #GWRAdventures for a chance to win some First Class train tickets before the 8th April. Where would I visit? Definitely Bristol. If you tell me the colourful streets, I’ll love you forever! ❤️ Head to https://ift.tt/2EfPpcl for more details. https://ift.tt/2Jgr1Lh

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Am I the only one who doesn’t really care for Easter eggs? Would rather have posh scotch eggs than the chocolate variety. Don’t judge me, I’m a savoury girl! 🍗 There’s a new video up featuring some of the clothes I brought to Jamaica with me, link is in my stories/bio! Apparently it’s going to be 17 degrees next week, so maybe I was a little bit hasty packing them away... 😂 #abmspaces https://ift.tt/2GGYGPY

What I Wore On Holiday In Jamaica! ASOS Haul, The Best DD+ Swimwear | Kristabel

New video alert! What I Wore On Holiday In Jamaica! ASOS Haul, The Best DD+ Swimwear | Kristabel

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Back in the sunshine coat again, because the actual sun is on a break. 💛 I’m also trying to mentally prepare myself for taking these braids out. Anything else I need to watch on Netflix? I’ve already finished the first season of Queer Eye and I’m having withdrawal symptoms. 😭 #youbelongnow #howtostyle https://ift.tt/2GndLTm

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‘Every flower blooms at a different pace.’ 🌸🌹🌺 Definitely the story of my life. I think it’s time to stop posting Jamaica photos and start planning for the next few months. I want to bloom along with the Spring flowers! 😂 So what’s on the list? Another room refresh and being honest with myself about my goals. I can’t keep saying ‘Well...well...next question...see ya!’ every time @shinythoughts asks me (though I am very grateful for this meme that sums up how I deal with awkward situations). What are you hoping to sort out this Spring? 🌸 #abmspaces #createinspring #thatwinterspringthing https://ift.tt/2pJNI1t

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What a ting! As if Beyoncé and Jay Z came to Jamaica three days after we left! I like to think that they were inspired by our #KLinJamaica hashtag. 😂 If you fancy some sunshine this Sunday, then my first vlog of the trip is now live. Just search ‘Kristabel’ on YouTube or tap the link in my bio/stories! 😘 #visitjamaica #proud876 #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #travelnoire #youbelongnow https://ift.tt/2IRtdca

VLOG | Seeing The REAL Jamaica - Kingston & Port Antonio! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Seeing The REAL Jamaica - Kingston & Port Antonio! | Kristabel

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I have so much love for my grandparents. ❤️ They’ve always supported my creativity. I remember when my Nan used to pick me up from school and let me draw underneath the dining room table every day (plus it’s where I discovered Teletext). My Granddad would sing songs and show me all the vegetables he was growing in the garden. 🍅🥦🌽 Now I try to repay them by sharing their stories and allowing my Granddad’s songs to be heard. He had to give up on his dream of a recording career because he needed to follow my Nan to the UK and raise a family. There’s a quick clip of his song ‘Give Me Jamaica’ in my Story Highlights but I’ll be sharing more in my vlogs soon! 🇯🇲 #KLinJamaica #proud876 #visitjamaica https://ift.tt/2ueie9x

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Remember when I never used to pose sitting down? Now I just channel my inner Beyoncé. Act like a woman who can command a month’s rent for tour tickets and the pose will come. 💁🏾‍♀️ It definitely helps when you have @the.trident.hotel as a backdrop, I loved all of the eclectic art and attention to detail. ❤️ Shop the swimsuit via http://liketk.it/2v5Zk #liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.europe #LTKswim #LTKeurope #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #travelnoire #KLinJamaica #visitjamaica #portantonio http://ift.tt/2pA71um

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AD | Today’s post is all about my history with contact lenses, including the story about how it took me two weeks to learn how to first put them in. 😂 Fortunately my technique has improved over the years and I’ve recently been testing out the new @acuvueuk range. They worked like a dream whilst on holiday and didn’t feel uncomfortable after a long day exploring. Find out more via the link in my bio! 😘 #myacuvue #paidbyacuvue http://ift.tt/2DNnW1j

My Experience With Contact Lenses - I Want You To Know

In Collaboration With Acuvue One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I’m rather short sighted. Every time someone tells me 'OMG I'm so blind', I just reply with my -7.50 prescription and watch their facial expression change. Back when I was six, my complicated relationship with eyewear began. I vaguely remember having an eye test, being told that I needed to wear glasses for school and then losing them somewhere between the playground and the tray under my desk (it still bugs me to this day). [ 1,017 more word ]


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Waiting patiently for Spring like... ☀️ http://liketk.it/2v4eQ #liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.europe #LTKeurope #KLinJamaica #visitjamaica #bodenbyme #youbelongnow #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #travelnoire http://ift.tt/2HQeOf0

Kristabel Loves #14: The March Reading List - I Want You To Know

I’m back on British soil! I wasn’t planning to completely shut down posting here, but the Jamaican personal hotspot allowance wasn’t playing ball (plus I never really got over my jetlag). Even though I've returned to snow, this time away has done me the world of good and given me a lot of clarity. I’m excited to get things fired up, start writing up my posts and planning my next trip. [ 507 more words ]


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Mum: ‘You’ve definitely inherited your Dad’s bottom.’ Thanks, I think?! At least the mystery has been solved! 😂 This colourful bikini only goes up to a DD but I managed to make it work, shop it via this link: http://liketk.it/2v2pH 👙 #liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.europe #LTKeurope #ltkswim #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #travelnoire #KLinJamaica #bodenbyme http://ift.tt/2FM1dsm

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Remember when I used to just eat ice-cream at Devon House every day? Well now I’m back at home bonding with my blanket and portable heater. 😭 Luckily I’ve managed to fix my #KLinJamaica Story Highlights, so you can catch up in my profile if you missed anything. If it’s not working for you then try deleting, reinstalling the app, opening it and force quitting. Major faff but it’s worth it, I can’t stop watching @shinythoughts’ dance moves! 👯 http://liketk.it/2v1SQ #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKunder50 @liketoknow.it.europe #blacktravelfeed #blackgirlstraveltoo #wegotoo #travelnoire #visitjamaica #devonhouse http://ift.tt/2HG11r6