VLOG | Getting Motivated, Stylist Live & Glossier London Pop-Up! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Getting Motivated, Stylist Live & Glossier London Pop-Up! | Kristabel

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Default ‘WTF is the weather doing’ outfit, fluffy coat (please don’t spill anything Kristabel), stripy jumper and comfy denim. I like to pretend that I can fit all my worldly possessions in my Tweency but I can’t lie, there is a huge tote bag out of shot. 😂 http://liketk.it/2ttxb #liketkit @liketoknow.it http://ift.tt/2jy8d1Z


A little something I did for Collect+ recently!

Kristabel Loves #11: The November Reading List

The colourful hair is back! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I think that switching up my hue came at the right time. Although I had a clear posting focus for Black History Month in October, everything has gone slightly out the window over the past two weeks. The bad habits are creeping in (hello procrastination scrolling) and I've had to overdose… [ 498 more words ]


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Did you spot me in @stylistmagazine this week? As you can see I was pretty chilled about it. 🙈 I‘m so excited to be at #stylistlive this Saturday with @collectplus, I’ve put a little edit together on their website and there’s plenty of patterned pieces that I’m loving this season. Who will I see there? Catch me on their stand between 1-3pm and let’s have a natter! 😘 | AD http://ift.tt/2zqlv6M

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Some of the new beauty bits I’m trying out this week.💄 I found some right gems via @mercari_uk, it’s a marketplace app that makes it super easy to buy and sell unwanted items. I can’t be the only one with an old camera I’ve been meaning to sell for the past two years? I need to sort myself out! 😂 I have a handy discount for £5 off a £10 spend if you use IAMK5, let me know what you find! 🎁 #mercariUK | AD http://ift.tt/2yhIsFv

VLOG | Buying Makeup Using The Mecari App & New Hair! | Kristabel | AD

New video alert! VLOG | Buying Makeup Using The Mecari App & New Hair! | Kristabel | AD

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I think my new @Schwarzkopf do is a networking tool. Daisy Lowe came over and complimented it the other day, before I had the chance to say something awkward. 😂 I've finally switched to the Electric Blue hue I've been wanting to try for ages, it's a unique @livecolouruk shade that's a bit of a conversation starter. It's crazy how a flash of colour can change your style and outlook, AW17 is definitely going to be more exciting now. 💙 #MYcolor | AD #SCHWARZKOPFcreators http://ift.tt/2h9Ja4h

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Ooooh look who's dropped a bonus video, Beyoncé style. 💁🏾 Head over to my YouTube channel where I'm sharing a typical shopping trip and trying to bring my denim situation into 2017. The link is in my stories! 😘 #abmautumn http://ift.tt/2iYNsMn

Kristabel Tries On...Tricky Denim & Dresses - Come Shopping With Me

New video alert! Kristabel Tries On...Tricky Denim & Dresses - Come Shopping With Me

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'There's beauty in everything, it's just that not everybody sees it.' ❤️ Another quote from a podcast that won't fit onto my pink board (@kelechnekoff via @sofiehagendk podcast). 🙈 Even though #BlackHistoryMonth is over, it's really reminded me to keep sharing, learning and continuing conversations all year round. There's an interview featuring @mdmflow on my blog, plus posts celebrating black content creators and braided hairstyles. I wanted to write a more in depth piece on race and the blogging industry but I need more time. Perhaps October 2019 is a realistic deadline? 😂 #linkinbio http://ift.tt/2imz64z

Black-Owned Businesses: MDMflow

I first became aware of Florence Adepoju and MDMflow during the initial flurry of press back in 2015. She became known as the makeup pioneer who took inspiration from 90s hip hop glamour and created products in her parents shed. What really resonated with me was in her scientific insight into why some makeup just doesn’t work for darker skin tones. [ 1,455 more word ]


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Hanging out in front of plant shops like a fangirl when in reality I overwatered and killed yet another cactus. Rookie mistake. 😂 #abmplantlady http://ift.tt/2yZhrb5

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When you invite your friends round for a Spanish feast and only plan the menu the night before. 😂 I got a little bit inspired by @campoviejouk's new cava and tackled a few dishes I've always wanted to try. Definitely late to the padron pepper party, they're so easy! 🌶 You can find all the recipes via my bio link (plus bts shenanigans in my latest vlog). 😘 AD #cavauncorked http://ift.tt/2zOifik

VLOG | Adulting & Hosting My First Dinner Party! | Kristabel | AD

New video alert! VLOG | Adulting & Hosting My First Dinner Party! | Kristabel | AD

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I'm smiling because some of these flowers are still alive two weeks later. My ivy plant is a different story though... 🍂 #abmplantlady http://ift.tt/2i7IKrC

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Found a new dress to twirl around in, though I layered up with thermals and now feel like I'm actually on fire. 🔥 Spotted this @sandroparis number on @camillaackley and was so happy to find it at @bicestervillage! Waiting always pays off. 👯 #dresscolourfully http://ift.tt/2iz18xC

How To Choose The Perfect Braids (If You’re A Little Bit Clueless)…

I’ve shared a lot about the Facebook-esque ‘It’s Complicated’ relationship with my hair but it’s only recently that I’ve started thinking about the significance of a particular style, my beloved braids. When I was younger, I just saw braided extensions as my quick-fix solution to having longer locks. All I needed to do was sit in a random relative’s living room for 8 hours and presto, I could now be more Moesha and whip my hair back and forth. [ 1,821 more word ]


VLOG | Photoshoots, Shopping at Bicester Village & #YouTubeBlack | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Photoshoots, Shopping at Bicester Village & #YouTubeBlack | Kristabel

How I Style: Spots, Faux Suede & Tricky Denim

Hello October! Have you ever seen me in so many pairs of trews?! As much as I love a jumper and skirt combination, most of the time you'll find me in something a little more denim-heavy when the weather is a bit all over the place. It's not my preferred look, thanks to body insecurities and all that, but I'm trying to be as creative as possible and get out of my comfort zone a little bit. [ 591 more words ]


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Third time lucky shooting by this wall! The first time they were putting the light bulbs in and the second time repainting. Typical, eh! 💕 A massive thanks to @inmysundaybest for putting up with me in the rain and wearing my coat on her head. Now I'm boiling on the tube home. 😂 #bloggerproblems #ihaveacoldnow http://ift.tt/2il28oU

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Our flat is a bit of a floral fest and I'm here for it. 🌺🌹🌸🌷#abmspaces http://ift.tt/2zbMMGr

My Freelance Blogging Journey - Mistakes, Tips & Finances! | Kristabel

New video alert! My Freelance Blogging Journey - Mistakes, Tips & Finances! | Kristabel

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I was all set for Autumn and then realised it was going to be 22 degrees this weekend! 😬 Oh well, I'm still trying to get a bit strategic about my shopping and I've shared my experience with @klarna over on the blog. There's also a link to a competition where you could win £500 towards your AW17 wardrobe. Think of all the pastel goodness you could buy! 💕🌸🎀🛍 | AD http://ift.tt/2z6Btzr

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Just call me the flower girl. 🌸🌷🌺 Fun fact, at the age of 4 I was the flower girl at my parents wedding. I was in my own world and forgot to follow my mum up the aisle (it's not even like I had social media to distract me). Highlights included stealing my Dad's chicken from his plate and hijacking the stage with the other kids. 😂 #abmautumn http://ift.tt/2gaQmfY

The LFW Staycation - I Want You To Know

Meet the Sofitel London St James, it's a hotel filled with Coco Chanel inspired decor and the best breakfast buffet ever #ad: https://buff.ly/2fRgVmX

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There's a new post about that time I pretended I had a Central London postcode thanks to @sofitellondon. Can I wake up here everyday please? 😍 I wore a velvet suit to try and coordinate with the decor, plus I went a little bit overboard at the breakfast buffet. 🍾 #sofitellondon #allthepastries #ad http://ift.tt/2xphB9d

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Still in denial about Autumn and the fact that I'll be swapping bare ankles for 100 deniers soon. 😭😭😭 Have you bought much for the new season? To be honest I'm a bit apprehensive about all the high-waisted denim and potentially looking like Simon Cowell. Any tips? 🤔 #dresscolourfully http://ift.tt/2geBry6

Some Things I Realised In My 20s…

This was meant to go live on the morning of my birthday but hey ho, organisation still isn't one of my best points after 30 years on this earth. In my defence, having almost two months to digest everything has actually helped me compose these reflections. Like I mentioned in my Budapest post, at 29 I found myself stressing out about birthday celebrations as well as worrying that I hadn't ticked enough off my vague '30 before 30' list. [ 1,364 more word ]


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So @NIVEA_uk have asked me how I deal with skin issues and to be honest I'm in denial. 😬 I'm always chopping and changing my products, forgetting to drink water and picking the odd spot. Oops. Now I'm 30, I think it's time to start figuring out exactly what it needs. It's overwhelming, so the first thing I'm trying is a daily SPF by way of the NIVEA Q10 day cream. Luckily it doesn't leave a white residue like others I've tried, no one wants to look like a ghost! 😂 #ad #NIVEA #MySkinMyWay #LetsTalkSkin http://ift.tt/2yGBCZV

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Oh hello new bedside table! ❤ I got a little bit overexcited when I spotted this at @myhomesense recently, it's exactly what I'd been looking for! There's a few more interior updates over on the blog, plus musings about the perfect pastel chair I left behind. #ad #homesensefinds http://ift.tt/2x8VNDA

How I Figured Out My Interior Style & Updated My Rented Bedroom

With Homesense UK Time for another room refresh! It’s funny, I’ve been trying to rethink the way I shop for clothes for a while but it’s only fairly recently that I’ve started to do the same with homeware. When I lived with my parents, I kept buying the most random items of furniture to house all the stuff I couldn’t bear to part with. [ 638 more words ]


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Excited to share my collaboration with @myhomesense very soon! Can you spot the latest cushion I've added to my collection? ❤️💛💙 #ad #homesensefinds http://ift.tt/2yJTjZz

Kristabel Loves #10: The September Reading List

Well hello there! Do I dare start this post with another statement on the passing of time? I’m really not ready to put double glazing film on my windows again. I know that some of you are all about the changing leaves and Pumpkin Spice lattes, but Autumn tends to be the season where I panic and look at my long-lost resolutions. [ 424 more words ]


VLOG | Queuing for Fenty Beauty & Binge-Watching Insecure! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | Queuing for Fenty Beauty & Binge-Watching Insecure! | Kristabel

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Missing this swanky buffet breakfast situation. My Sainsbury's porridge just isn't cutting it right now. 😭😭😭 http://ift.tt/2hn13MW

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Houston, we have a problem, my stripy jumper collection is getting out of control! I think this is number 5? 😬 I don't do things by halves, also watched 6 episodes of Insecure last night. How am I so late to the party?! Gonna read all the thinkpieces once I'm done. 🤔 #monkistyle http://ift.tt/2wNAGlh

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#SCHWARZKOPFcreators: All change, all change! 💁🏾 For this month's post, I'm reconnecting with dry shampoo, which is so necessary if you're all about that wig life. I love being able to do my hair in minutes and #got2b 'Rockin' It' by @schwarzkopf allows me to preserve #MYstyle. There's no excuse for me being late because of my barnet now, (though I did chuckle at the Lauren Hill 'I need to align my energy with my time' meme). 😂 #ad http://ift.tt/2yvjJ10

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Had so much fun with these gals at the #CarnabyFashFest launch today! 👯 If you spot this pink taxi at London Fashion Week Festival you're in for a treat, there's free talks, workshops and giveaways until Sunday! See more in my Stories! 💜 @carnabylondon #ad http://ift.tt/2jO2rJc

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Can we all just take a moment for the chairs at @theaptmt this year? Such a good location this season! 😍 #apartmentjournal #lfw http://ift.tt/2wvABHv

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All suited and booted for #lfw in the combo that feels as good as it looks. Just need a house with fancy furniture to go with the outfit. ❤️ #bodenbyme http://ift.tt/2wC4Urh

VLOG | A Rainy Weekend In Hamburg! | Kristabel

New video alert! VLOG | A Rainy Weekend In Hamburg! | Kristabel

A Weekend In Hamburg

Fun fact, my most visited country is Germany. Ever since my aunt moved there when I was 8, I've loved seeing the mixture of traditional villages, bustling cities and gorgeous woodland (also I’ll always remember getting stuck on a zip wiring platform). When I was invited to visit Hamburg last weekend, I was curious to see what it was about. I didn't know much about the port city (and hadn't seen it much on the gram), so was keen to give it a chance. [ 651 more words ]


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Did you catch my latest Budapest post? I can't wait to go back! There's a shop filled with embroidered cushions and you know I'm bringing back five... ❤️ #KbelsBudaBday #linkinbio http://ift.tt/2wXQBkb